Schäfter+Kirchhoff was first established about 50 years ago as an optical engineering office specializing in the optical design of high-quality projection and telescope optics. With the establishment of production and development capabilities, the company has built up an enviable reputation in the application of laser metrology and opto-electronic sensor systems for scientific research and industrial measurement.
       Currently, Schäfter+Kirchhoff has three major product development lines, involving line scan camera systems, laser line generators and fiber optic components. These complementary areas of expertise allow us to offer a specialist and custom-made development service, according to your needs. Please check the Products section of this website for further information.
       With all of our products, we strive for the highest quality and reliability. Our products undergo continuous cycles of improvement and our production capabilities are constantly updated and enhanced. Our latest addition was the inauguration of modern clean-room facilities for the manufacture of sensitive lasers and fiber optic products in 2011.
Since the beginning of this year, the quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001.
Line Scan Cameras Fiber Optic Components Laser Modules for Structured Illumination Laser Diode Collimators Special Developments
线阵相机  光纤组件  Laser Modules for Structured Illumination  激光二极管准直仪  Special Developments
An extensive selection of CCD line scan camera systems is available with a variety of interfaces, including GigE Vision, USB 3.0 and CameraLink.

Compact and ruggedized sensor heads with integrated bright-field illumination are designed for the most demanding of environments, including research in the Arctic and Antarctic.
Fiber optic modular components designed for scientific and industrial applications.

Top research institutes across the globe use Fiber Port Clusters to investigate everything from quantum optics to atmospheric research. Apochromatically corrected RGBV optics have enhanced sensitivity and stability in fluorescence microscopy and biophotonics.
Laser line, micro focus and pattern generators are particularly useful for 3D measurement tasks, using laser triangulation or laser light-sectioning techniques. All models are supplied with internal electronics and are ready for use. Compact laser diode collimators for custom applications or for laboratory use.
Housings are available for Ø9 mm, Ø5.6 mm and TO-18 laser diodes. Thermo-electric sensor or TE-cooling versions are also available, as well as a large variety of collimating lenses and lens attachment accessories.
Special developments and customized solutions provide not only excitement but also relief from the daily grind.
Click above to learn more about our spaceflight applications, the Schäfter+Kirchhoff welding monitor or our customized solutions for polar ice core and atmospheric satellite research.


for Research and Machine Vision. 512 to 8160 Pixels, monochrome, TDI or color

An extensive variety of CCD linescan cameras systems is available, complete with, e.g., GigE Vision, USB 3.0, or CameraLink interface.

Introduction – Fundamentals – Product Overview

Introduction to Line Scan Cameras

Function and applications 
Feature selection criteria 
Setting up a CCD line scan camera system 
System adjustments using the oscilloscope display 
Shading correction and white balance, sensor alignment, lens focussing

Software for Line Scan Camera Systems

Software development kit (SDK) includes drivers, DLLs, C++ class library, programming exsamples for Windows 7 (x64, x86) / XP and Linux 
VI library for LabVIEW

Interface Overview

Gigabit Ethernet, GigE Vision™, USB 3.0, CameraLink® and LVDS 
Features and variations 
System components, max. cable lengths and accessories

Line Scan Cameras: Types and Technical Data

Ranking table by interface and pixels of all Schäfter+Kirchhoff line scan cameras 
Technical data on line frequency, dynamic range, casing and features 
Wide selection of various line scan cameras with identical pixel lengths (e.g. 5 LVDS cameras with 2048 pixels/line)

Guideline and formulae for lens selection 

Guidelines for system configuration


Dimensions and technical drawings for all line scan camera casings

Range of Line Scan Camera Systems

Line Scan Cameras with Gigabit Ethernet and GigE Vision™ Interface

Camera features, software and accessories
Monochrome, color and TDI line scan cameras

Line Scan Cameras with USB 3.0 Interface

Camera features, software, LabVIEW VI library
Monochrome, color and TDI line scan cameras

Line Scan Cameras with CameraLink® Interface

Camera features, software and accessories 
Monochrome, color and TDI line scan cameras

Line Scan Cameras with LVDS Interface

Camera features, line scan grabber, Merger Box, software and accessories 
Monochrome, color and TDI line scan cameras

Line Scan Cameras with Analog Interface

Camera features, line scan grabber, software and accessories 
monochrome and color line scan cameras

Smart Line Scan Cameras with USB 2.0 Interface

Stand-alone-system for measuring width and edge positions without a PC (2 × digital out, 1 × analog out), parameterization via USB 2.0 interface
Application: Checking cable drum winding process

Color Line Scan Cameras

Color line scan cameras with triple or dual line sensors 
Interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet, GigE Vision, USB 3.0, CameraLink, LVDS, analog 
NEW Triple color line scan camera with 3×7600 pixels and up to 150 MHz pixel frequency

Cameras with Large Line Sensors XL / XB / XC

Camera series with extra-long line sensors up to 71 mm in length 
Modular system for monochrome, TDI and color sensors with GigE Vision™, LVDS, CameraLink® or USB 3.0 interfaces 
Focus adapters and extension rings

Line Scan Camera Systems with integrated Illumination

Filiform Scanner

Objective, rapid and precise analysis of filiform corrosion test samples

  • Objective, precise and rapid analysis of filiform corrosion according toDIN EN-ISO 21227-4
  • All coatings (light, dark, matt, glossy) in all colors
  • Integrated bright-field illumination for an image of the contours of the fine outgrowths with high contrast
  • Imaging width 80 mm with 40 μm resolution and max. scan speed 75 mm/s
  • Alternative to manual and time-intensive evaluation according toDIN EN ISO 4623
  • Interface: GigE Vision, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Evaluation according to different standards on request


PC interfaces and merger boxes

PC interface (grabber board) for a CCD line scan camera with LVDS interface and with analog interface

Merger Box SK9194 / SK 9195

Synchronization box SK8051

Produces a trigger for line and frame synchronization
  • Maximum input frequency 500 kHz
  • Direction-dependent jitter suppression; programmable ′clock′
  • Programmable via COM port of PC

Focus Adapters

Focus adapter FA26-S45 (thread M45×0.75) and FA26-S55 (thread M55×0.75) for Line Scan Cameras XL series

Cables and Power Supplies

Connection cables for line scan cameras

  • Data / control cables
  • Cables for external synchronization
  • Power supply cables and units

Lenses and Lens Adapters

  • CCTV lenses
  • Photo lenses
  • Scan and macro lenses

Mounting Brackets and Systems

Mounting brackets of type 5105 / 5105L and mounting systems of type 5105-2 / 5105-2L fpr cameras with C-Mount and lens thread M40×0.75 / M45×0.75

Optical Filters

The quality, contrast and sharpness of the raw data from many measuring tasks can be improved substantially by using the appropriate optical filtering

  • Long-pass, bandpass, notch and polarization filters

Illumination components and accessories

  • Excimer lamps
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • LED illumination