iXblue intensity modulators

 iXblue Photonics helps photonics engineers all around the world to get the most out of the light by providing high performance, innovative and reliable photonic solutions. We offer specialty fibers, bragg gratings and optical modulation solutions based on the company integrated modulators for a variety of applications including: optical communications, fiber lasers and amplifiers, fiber optics sensors, space and sciences.
 iXblue Photonics results from the acquisition of the former companies iXFiber and Photline, Specialty Fibers Division and Modulation Solutions Division of iXblue group. The expanded team, fully dedicated to photonics, masters key technologies including fiber preform processing, fiber drawing, waveguide wafer processing, RF design and components packaging. Gathered in a single organization, this team is in a strong position to leverage its synergies and offer new and more complete fiber optics solutions to its customers.
 iXblue is a global high-tech company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced autonomous, marine and photonics technologies. The group in-house expertise include innovative systems and solutions devoted to inertial navigation, subsea positioning, underwater imaging, as well as shipbuilding and tests & simulation means. Employing a workforce of 600+ people in 19 offices worldwide, iXblue has a global footprint and conducts its business with over 40 countries 
Lithium Niobate Electro Optic Modulator
Phase Modulators
Polarization Switches &Scramblers
Customised & Novel LiNbO3 Modulators
Lasers & Amplifiers Fibers
Er/Yb Doped Fibers
Er Doped Fibers
Yb Doped Fibers
Tm Doped Fibers
Ho Doped Fibers
Tm/Ho Doped Fibers
Nd Doped Fibers
Passive Fibers
Rad Hard Space Grade Doped Fibers
Fibers for Raman Amplifiers
Multicore Doped Fibers
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PM Gyro Fibers 
PM Coils 
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FBG, DFB &Photosensitive Fibers
FBG Laser Mirrors
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Rad Hard FBG
Other FBG Filters
FBG Arrays
Custom FBGs
Photosensitive Fibers