Qphotonics products

     QPhotonics is a specialist supplier of semiconductor light emitting devices in wavelength range 405nm-1650nm for research, development, and production. We offer a large variety of laser diodes, superluminescent diodes, and semiconductor optical amplifiers. Individual devices can be selected from stock and purchased online. We also provide controllers, mounts, collimators, and photodiodes for building laser systems.
     QPhotonics was established in 2000 by George Loutts, professor of physics at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Until 2007 we have been operating in Chesapeake, Virginia. In August 2007 QPhotonics was moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. (click here for Contact).
    We offer efficient and inexpensive solutions to engineers and researchers looking for semiconductor light sources:
  • Large variety (over 300 models)
  • Rapid access to the right device, without compromising specifications or quality
  • Detailed datasheets online
  • Fast delivery (most laser diodes are in stock)
  • Price savings on standard products
  • Unusual wavelengths, custom configurations fabricated in small quantities
  • Advice on laser diode selection and operation
  • Complementary products (laser controllers, mounts, photodiodes)
  • Simple operating instructions and handouts
  • Efficient shopping experience
Free Space Laser Diodes
Single Mode Laser Diodes Multimode Laser Diodes Superluminescent Diodes
Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes
Fiber Coupled Single Mode Laser Diodes SM Fabry-Perot Laser Diodes Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diodes
Single frequency DFB laser diodes Single frequency FBG laser diodes Superluminescent Diodes
Fiber Coupled LEDs Multimode Laser Diodes  
Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
  • SOAs offer a key technology for amplification, switching, wavelength conversion, and regeneration in optical networks.
  • Traveling-wave, MQW design
  • CW or pulsed operation
  • Single mode input/output
  • Low chip-to-fiber coupling loss
  • Built-in thermistor and TEC
  • Hermetic butterfly package
  • Optional FC/APC connectors
Broadband Light Sources 
Superluminescent Diodes Fiber Coupled LEDs  Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
High Power Pump Laser Diode Modules
Multimode Fiber Coupled  PUMA Laser Modules  1425-1510nm EDFA Pump Laser Diodes 
Deep UV light emitting diodes
UV Multi-Wavelength Lamps