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Research of Fresnel Incoherent Correlation Digital Holography Based on SLM


     Both the amplitude and phase information of an arbitrarily three-dimensional objets can completely recorded and reconstructed by holography, the reconstructed image has clear 3D sense. Compared with traditional holography, the incoherent holography has some obvious advantages. It reduces the coherent requirement of light source, extend the application region of holography range from coherent light filed to incoherent light filed, then we can get holography image of 3D objets under the condition that use incoherent light as light source. Incoherent holography has high research value in the field of information display and microscopic imaging.  

      This paper first introduces the basic principles and detailed classification of holography, then emphasis analysis the process of recording and reconstructing of holography. Several common reconstruction algorithms of digital holography are comparative studied. The proposition background, basic principle and research progress of incoherent holography are presentated, then detailed analysis the basic working principle of Fresnel incoherent correlation holography(FINCH). Summarized the research progress of FINCH system, mainly including improve the devices of FINCH system, research the different phase mode loaded on SLM.

       This paper also study on the effect of phase shift technology of incoherent digital holography recording and reproducing process. In the recording process, use different number step of phase shift and phase shift increment, and by comparing the signal-to-noise ratio, resolution, and some correlation coefficient of the system, to evaluate the influence of this method on hologram recording and the quality of reconstruction image .

      Study on the principle of phase modulation characteristics of the Spatial Light Modulator(SLM), then the optimal phase modulation characteristic curve of pure phase liquid crystal SLM are measured and calibrated. SLM is the key device of FINCH system. In recent years, there are more and more studies of holographic imaging technology based on SLM. The important role of SLM in FINCH system are analyzed and summarized.

      Based on analysis the important theory of FINCH system, some related experiments are made in our laboratory: 1) Simulation experiment of FINCH, it can be concluded from the simulation results: white light Fresnel incoherent digital holography can fast and completely realize both recorded and reconstructed  of three-dimensional objects, in the way of single channel, under the condition without movement; 2) Building the optical system of FINCH, to study the influences for the system resolution of phase mode loaded on SLM, under the condition of loading a plane wave and a spherical wave phase case, and loading two spherical wave phase case; 3) Study different reconstruction distance influence to the experimental results, under the condition of loading two spherical waves with different radius on SLM.

Key words: Digital holography, Spatial light modulator, Resolution, Incoherent digital holography