Progress on the terahertz wave radiation properties of Photoconductive Antenna

YAN Xingwei,WEI Zhiqiang,LI Chunhua
(Xi’an Electronic Engineering Research Institute, Xi’an Shaanxi 710100, China)
Abstract:Terahertz(THz) science and technology has become a hotspot in electromagnetic field
recently, in which the generation of terahertz wave is the key technology, and Photoconductive
Antenna(PCA) is currently the typical approach for terahertz wave generation. The recent progresses of output coupling properties of THz wave generated by PCA are reviewed, including the output coupling efficiency, radiation patterns, as well as polarization properties. The significance of photoconductive antenna radiation characteristics research on photoconductive antenna application is discussed and prospected, which gives a guide for the research and applications of the THz wave generated by PCA.
Key words:Photoconductive Antenna;output coupling; terahertz wave;polarization