HQ Graphene High Quality 2D Crystals

      HQ Graphene

     HQ Graphene is a manufacturer of high quality 2D single crystals, selling directly to over 190 universities, research institutes and companies worldwide. Our customers are scientists demanding high purity and high quality crystals for scientific research. A list of peer reviewed publications using our crystals can be found on our website.

We can grow all kinds of two dimensional crystals:

  • Semiconductors (WSe2, MoSe2, ...)
  • Metals
  • Semi-metals
  • Insulators (hexagonal boron nitride, MICA, ...)
  • Superconductors (NbSe2, NbS2, ...)
  • Ferromagnetic Insulators (CrBr3, Cr2Ge2Te6, ...)
  • Charge Density Waves (CDW)
  • Topological Insulators (Bi2Se3, Bi2Te3, ...)
  • 2D Alloys (MoWSe2, MoSSe, ...)
  • New custom made crystals


Crystal Properties
AuSe (alpha phase) Metal Custom made crystal    high purity a nd quality crystal
As2Te3 (alpha phase)  Semiconductor, Thermoelectric
Bi2S3 Semiconductor
Bi2Se3 Topological insulator 
Bi2Te3 Topological insulator
Black Phosphorus Semiconductor     
Phosphorus-As alloy Semiconductor
h-Boron nitride Insulator/Semiconductor
CrBr3 Ferromagnetic semiconductor
CrI3 Ferromagnet
Cr2Ge2Te6 (CrGeTe3) Ferromagnetic insulator
Graphite HOPG ZYA Metal                    
Graphite HOPG ZYB Metal
Graphite Natural Metal
GaS Semiconductor
GaSe                                  Semiconductor
GaTe Semiconductor
GeS Semiconductor
GeSe Semiconductor
HfS2  Semiconductor
HfSe2                                                    Semiconductor
HfTe2 Semimetal
In2Se3 (alpha phase)       Semiconductor 
MICA muscovite V1   Insulator
MICA phogopite Insulator
MoS2 (synthetic) Semiconductor
MoS2 ~1 cm                    Semiconductor
MoS2 ~1.5 cm                 Semiconductor 
MoS2 ~0.5-0.7 cm           Semiconductor 
MoSe2 Semiconductor
MoSxSe2-x Semiconductor
MoTe2 (2H phase) Semiconductor 
MoTe2  (1T' phase) Semimetal, Weyl Semimetal
MoxW1-xS2 Semiconductor
MoxW1-xSe2 Semiconductor
NbS2 (2H phase) Superconductor, CDW
NbS2  (3R phase) Metal
NbSe2 (2H phase) Metal,superconductor
NbTe2 Metal,superconductor 
Pb3Sn4FeSb2S14 Ferromagnet 
Pb5Sn3Sb2S14 Semiconductor
PbSnS2 Semiconductor
PdTe2 Metal, superconductor
PtSe2 Metal
ReS2 Semiconductor
ReSe2 Semiconductor
Sb2Te3 Topological insulator
SnS2 Semiconductor
SnSe Semiconductor
SnSe2 Semiconductor
TaS2 (1T phase) Semiconductor
TaS2 (2H phase) Metal, Superconductor, CDW
TaSe2 (2H phase) Metal, Superconductor, CDW 
TaSe2 (1T phase)  
TaTe2                                                  Metal, CDW
TiS2 (1T phase) Semimetal
TiSe2 Semimetal.CDW 
TiTe2 Semimetal
VSe2 Metal, CDW
WS2 (2H phase) Semiconductor
WSe2 Semiconductor
WTe2 Semimetal
ZrSe2 Semiconductor
ZrS3 Semiconductor
ZrSe3 Semiconductor
ZrTe3 Semimetal, Superconductor, CDW
2D_CL_PC Polymer for heterostructure fabrication
New crystals:  
FeCl2, NbS3, GaTeI,  
WSSe, Fe3GeTe2,  
NiI2, FePS3,   
MnPS3, NiPS3, For crystal size and other information please contact us

NEW publications on our crystals

We congratulate the authors on their recent work published on peer reviewed journals:

Yanpeng Liu et al., Nano Lett, Article ASAP (February 14, 2017), "Gate-Tunable Giant Stark Effect in Few-Layer Black Phosphoruss":

Weigao Xu et al., Nature 541, 62-67 (2017), "Correlated fluorescence blinking in two-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures":

M. R. Molas et al., 2D Materials (2017), "Brightening of dark excitons in monolayers of semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides"

Yaojia Wang et al., Nat. Comm. 7:13142 (2016), "Gate-tunable negative longitudinal magnetoresistance in the predicted type-II Weyl semimetal WTe2"

William S. Whitney et al., Nanolett. (2016), "Field Effect Optoelectronic Modulation of Quantum-Confined Carriers in Black Phosphorus"

Sangwan Sim et al., Nat. Comm. 7:13569 (2016), "Selectively tunable optical Stark effect of anisotropic excitons in atomically thin ReS2"