Four-Point Probes and Resistivity Testing Equipment

QuadMap High Speed Semi-Automatic Production Resistivity Test Station

Resistivity Test

Designed for the production environment, the QuadMap provides high speed measurements of thin films and wafers or solar tiles. A test sample may be loaded and tested with 49 points in less than a minute. A touch screen interface allows users to easily set test parameters. A pin lift chuck allows easy placement of the sample on the chuck with a vacuum wand or tweezers. An option for an automatic cassette loader creates a fully automatic system. The system is standalone with a small footprint. Models are available in 150mm, 156mm square, 200mm and 300mm configurations.

A thermal chuck may be added to the QuadPro to allow mapping a sample at various temperatures. With the thermal chuck option, Temperature Coefficient of Resistance characteristics of a sample can be measured. The TCR software manages the whole tests and reports TCR in ppm also displaying a graph. A variety of thermal chuck options and temperature ranges are available and fully integrated into the system for automated test management.

QuadPro Resistivity Wafer Mapping System

The Signatone QuadPro Process Development Resistivity System is available in both manual and automatic 8" and 12" systems. The manual system includes a ball bearing stage and can be upgraded at a later time to add auto-stepping capability. The automatic systems are motorized and can automatically step through 9, 25, 49, or 121 test points on wafers of size 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, or 300mm.

The systems use Four-Point Probes with a state of the art current source and electronic DVM combined with a dual configuration test procedure and test integration to obtain an accuracy of better than 1% over the resistivity range from 1 milli-ohm to 2 Meg-ohms per square. The accuracy and calibration are NIST traceable. The automatic system is fully integrated and operates under Windows 95/98 with a Pentium based controller.

Signatone Pro4 Manual Four-Point Probe with Computerized Measurement System

The Signatone Pro4 series provides simple answers to sheet and bulk resistivity measurements. Since 1968, Signatone has offered an inline Four-Point Probingsolution. To make the measurements, the user lowers the Four-Point Probe head onto the sample then selects the test button in the software. The computer automatically controls the instrument and steps through a number of current settings to find the ideal current for accurate readings.

Signatone Manual Four-Point Probes

Signatone manufactures a wide range of resistivity test equipment including an economical four point probe mounting stand and four point probe heads.