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Optical multi-meter

Optical multi-meter

Optical multi-meter

Optical multi-meter


Optical power meter and optical light source make up optical multi-meter.JF-H510 Optical multi-meter integrates functions of both optical power meter module, which installed dual wavelength and single output laser source. JF-H510 optical multi-meter can provide both functions of optical power meter and optical light source

It can also use independently, which can provide a convenient and low price for engineering testing people and technician.


The Specification of JF-H510 optical multi-meter


JF-H510A---Measurement Range: -70+6dBm

Calibrated wavelength :850nm980nm1310nm1490nm 1550nm1625nm


JF-H510C---Measurement Range: -50+26dBm

Calibrated wavelength :850nm980nm1310nm1490nm 1550nm1625nm


2. Accessories

1. JF-H510 optical multi-meter ------------------------------------------------------1pcs 

2. Operation instruction------------------------------------------------------------------1pcs

3. A AA battery-----------------------------------------------------------------------------3pcs

3. Parameter




Optical power meter module

Calibrated wavelength


Measurement range(dBm)

A/C range

Resolution ratio





Optical light source module

Emitter type


Operating wavelength

1310/1550/650nm(others optional)

Output optical power meter value







Overall Performance

Power supply

3AA battery

Auto-power off time




Operation time

28hsingle power meter operation

≥4hoptical light sourceoptical power meter work simultaneously

Operation temperature








4.Function instruction:

4.1Panel graph

Optical multi-meter

4.2 Function instruction:

4.2.1 Power meter input port

The input port of Optical Multi-Meter is used for connecting the optical signal to the optical multi-meter.

4.2.2    Light source output port,

The output port of Optical Multi-Meter is used for providing the laser source. to provide laser output.

4.2.3 LCD display

LCD shows the measured power meter value in the form of dBm/mW/uW/nWthe wavelength 850nm,980nm1310nm1490nm1550nm1625nmthe current working model of OPM modulethe automatic shutdown state and modulation state.

4.2.4 Power supply

Press    until LCD bright, then start optical multi-meter. when in power on state, press this button, you can choose auto power off function. Then the top left corner of LCD will display     (10min auto power off).Press it again, auto power off will close. long press this button for 3s,then will power off.


Testing wavelength choice button, press this button can choose different wavelength, 850nm、980nm、1310nm、1490nm、1550nm、1550nm optional choice. The value will display in LCD.

4.2.6   REF key

   In setting wavelength, operating optical power meter relative measurement.

4.2.7   dB/dBm key

   In setting wavelength, operating optical power meter relative measurement.dB/dBm/nW)

4.2.8   WAVE key

Press this key, can choose different output wavelength,(common type

1310nm/1550nm/650nm),the value will display in LCD.

4.2.9   MODE key

      JF-H510 optical multi-meter light source module frequency modulation button, 270Hz1000Hz2000Hz optional, LCD will display.

5.Operation instruction

     5.1 Press   , LCD will display, power on is over

     5.2 Access testing light, press “wave” choose testing light wavelength.

     5.3 Setting testing wavelength, through λ to choose measurement wavelength.LCD display present value, including resolute power meter linear and nonlinear value.


6.Common faults

Faults appearance

Possible reason

Resolution method

LCD displays weak

Power supply  insufficient

Exchange power supply

Power on without display

Power supply  insufficient/others

Renew start

LCD display data keeping the same

Optical connector breaks or dirty/display is closed

Checking whether  connecting of optical connector is right


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