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UV Excimer CL 5000 laser series

UV Excimer CL 5000 laser series (CL5100,CL5200,CL5300)

UV Excimer CL 5000 laser series (CL5100,CL5200,CL5300)

UV Excimer CL 5000 laser series (CL5100,CL5200,CL5300)

Optromix CL5000 is a compact and powerful excimer laser with wavelengths 193 nm, 248 nm and 308 nm. CL5000 is equipped with high voltage switch – a high resource cold cathode thyratron. The laser has an average power stabilization system and a computer control,which makes it easy and convenient to use.Moreover, CL5000 provides a longer lasting time for gas mixture. Excimer laser is a perfect source for ophthalmic system. It is also a great solution for various industrial purposes, namely manufacturing diffractive structures in optic fibers, micro marking, processing of certain materials and laser deposition.

Key features

Compact excimer laser

Metal ceramic design

Long lifetime Thyratron switch

Built-in Energy monitor

Energy stabilization

Air-cooled versions (CL-5100)



● FBG writing

Material processing


DUV Lithography

CL5000 series specification



Gas mixture





193 nm

248 nm

308 nm

Nominal Pulse Energy

20 mJ

40 mJ

25 mJ

Average Power
CL 5100
CL 5200
CL 5300

2 W
4 W
5 W

4 W
8 W
10 W

2.5 W
5 W
7 W

Max. repetition rate
CL 5100
CL 5200
CL 5300

100 Hz
200 Hz
300 Hz

Pulse duration

8­10 ns

9­11 ns

Pulse energy stability

sigma < 2%

Beam size (V * H)

12 mm x 5 mm

Beam Divergence (V * H)

4 mrad x 2 mrad (stable resonator)

Time jitter

< 2 ns


1 premix cylinder

CL 5100
CL 5200/5300

water < 1 liter/min

Control interface

RS­232 (Windows)

Power consumption

220 ­ 240 V, 50 ­ 60 Hz, 1.5 kW

Dimensions (W x H x L)

330 x 550 x 780 mm


80 kg

Optromix provides 1 year warranty for all systems.

UV Excimer CL 5000 laser series (CL5100,CL5200,CL5300)

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